The Clean Power Coalition is comprised of individuals and organizations committed to creating a sustainable and clean energy economy for Metropolitan Chicago.


Goverance Hearing Fact Sheet


Community Energy Choice for Chicago!

Community energy choice (or aggregation) allows the City of Chicago to purchase electricity on behalf of residents and small businesses. By pooling its customers into one big group, our community can negotiate with suppliers and get lower cost electricity.By using the combined bargaining power of our residents, Chicago can take better advantage of clean, renewable energy choices, and still pay less than we do now for an energy supply dominated by coal and nuclear power.

How to Bring Energy Choice to Chicago

On November 6th, Chicagoans will vote on a referendum to determine whether the City should have the authority to buy electricity on behalf of its residents. Before signing any contract, the City of Chicago will hold public meetings to discuss the best options and solicit rates from different energy suppliers. No matter what, ComEd will still deliver our power and respond to outages, meaning our power will remain reliable and safe. Additionally, residents can opt out of the process.

Save Green while Going Green

Buying energy from clean renewable sources, like wind farms and solar rooftops, will cut down on air pollution and support investments in Chicago and the Illinois green economy. Over 200 communities across Illinois like Oak Park, Aurora and Evanston have already opted for community choice—and many are saving money while supporting investments in renewables. By purchasing local, pollution-free power, Chicago will be creating good, stable, green jobs in our city and state.

Chicago Can Be America’s Greenest City

With over 1.1 million eligible residential customers, Chicago can lead the nation in clean energy investment, green job creation and energy efficiency measures. Mayor Emanuel should commit to developing in-state renewable energy sources with the purchase of clean, renewable energy made in Illinois and a goal of 100% renewable energy to run our city. We want to use community energy choice to drive job creation and create programs to save energy across all of Chicago.

Investing in Local Jobs

To create jobs in Chicago, we need to maximize renewable energy from local sources by investing in renewable energy projects and by modernizing older, inefficient buildings to cut energy costs. Together, these projects will clean up our energy supply, save energy, and help make Chicago a world leader in renewable energy while delivering savings to city residents.

Investment in renewable energy generation creates more jobs per dollar invested than investment in coal.[1] This is especially true in Illinois where wind creates the most direct jobs in both construction and operation phases in total and per megawatt of generation.[2] These investments stimulate U.S. manufacturing as well as local installation and maintenance activity. To date, the wind industry has created over 13,000 jobs across Illinois.[3]


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