The Clean Power Coalition is comprised of individuals and organizations committed to creating a sustainable and clean energy economy for Metropolitan Chicago.

Co-Sponsors for the Chicago Clean Power Ordinance

49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore are lead sponsor for the Chicago Clean Power Ordinance, reintroduced on July 28, 2011.  Here’s an up-to-date list of all 35 co-sponsors (as of August 12, 2011):

1 Alderman Joe Moreno COSPONSOR
2 Alderman Robert Fioretti COSPONSOR
3 Alderman Pat Dowell COSPONSOR
4 Alderman Will Burns COSPONSOR
5 Alderman Leslie Hairston COSPONSOR
6 Alderman Roderick Sawyer COSPONSOR
7 Alderman Sandi Jackson COSPONSOR
8 Alderman Michelle Harris COSPONSOR
9 Alderman Anthony Beale COSPONSOR
10 Alderman John Pope
11 Alderman James Balcer
12 Alderman George A. Cardenas COSPONSOR
13 Alderman Marty Quinn
14 Alderman Ed Burke
15 Alderman Toni Foulkes COSPONSOR
16 Alderman JoAnn Thompson COSPONSOR
17 Alderman Latasha Thomas
18 Alderman Lona Lane COSPONSOR
19 Alderman Matthew O’Shea
20 Alderman Willie Cochran COSPONSOR
21 Alderman Howard Brookins Jr…………………….
22 Alderman Ricardo Munoz COSPONSOR
23 Alderman Michael Zalewski
24 Alderman Michael Chandler COSPONSOR
25 Alderman Daniel Solis LEAD SPONSOR
26 Alderman Roberto Maldonado COSPONSOR
27 Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr. COSPONSOR
28 Alderman Jason Ervin COSPONSOR
29 Alderman Deborah Graham
30 Alderman Ariel E. Reboyras COSPONSOR
31 Alderman Ray Suarez
32 Alderman Scott Waguespack COSPONSOR
33 Alderman Richard F. Mell COSPONSOR
34 Alderman Carrie Austin COSPONSOR
35 Alderman Rey Colon COSPONSOR
36 Alderman Nicholas Sposato
37 Alderman Emma Mitts COSPONSOR
38 Alderman Timothy M. Cullerton
39 Alderman Margaret Laurino
40 Alderman Patrick J. O’Connor COSPONSOR
41 Alderman Mary O’Connor
42 Alderman Brendan Reilly
43 Alderman Michele Smith COSPONSOR
44 Alderman Thomas M. Tunney COSPONSOR
45 Alderman John Arena COSPONSOR
46 Alderman James Cappleman COSPONSOR
47 Alderman Ameya Pawar COSPONSOR
48 Alderman Harry Osterman COSPONSOR
49 Alderman Joseph A. Moore LEAD SPONSOR
50 Alderman Debra Silverstein COSPONSOR
The campaign also has the support of nearly 60 coalition partners.  Click here to read our campaign goals and then become a coalition partner today!

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