War On Coal

In the USA, the war has been a term used by both the coal industry and some of its most fervent fans to describe what really is an organized campaign by the Obama administration to regulate coal production and create these energy unprofitable. The War on Coal has come at a time when the business itself is experiencing significant challenges, as natural gas and other forms of energy have become more affordable and reliable. For decades, the United States has enjoyed consistently substantial levels of energy intake relative to fossil fuels. As utility companies across the nation look to increase rates and issue price hikes for electricity, it’s time for the country to take a step back and look to the future in what solutions such as carbon neutral energy might present for the nation.

The United States is one of the biggest users of coal in the world. And while many of the nation’s residents understand that the Earth’s atmosphere is quickly getting filled with carbon dioxide due to the increasing burning of fossil fuels, the majority of inhabitants is blissfully oblivious of the fact that coal’s carbon emissions have been the primary reason for global warming. The single largest source of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere comes from the burning of coal. Burning coal produces enormous amounts of carbon dioxide and methane, both of which can be major causes of climate change. When most individuals are aware of the issue, they do not consider alternatives like using wind power or solar energy as a viable alternative to traditional coal usage.

Many prominent scientists think that we might be able to limit the damage caused by greenhouse gases by finding better way of using natural resources like the sun, wind, and water to generate energy. The very best approach to do this is to use a combination of these resources to make electric power in enormous quantities. By analyzing the state of the country’s attempts to move away from conventional energy resources towards cleaner burning alternatives, it appears that the war on coal may be losing ground. Even though there’s still some debate amongst the scientific community about how best to go about minimizing global warming, there’s broad agreement that it must be done, if the world is to survive.

One of the biggest concerns about the usage of coal in power production is its own contribution to climate change. Coal burning generates a large amount of carbon dioxide, one of the most important contributors to climate change. As coal operators to mine more coal, they are very likely to mine outside more coal, exacerbating the trend toward greater coal mines and greater quantities of carbon emissions in our surroundings. Many coal organizations are undergoing a process of”coal washing”, where old, dirty coal is brought up to optimum functioning conditions, washed, and sold . This has generated a large spike in demand for fresh irrigation products, such as so-called”leaching chemicals”.

Many of the people affected the most by dirty coal mining would be the people living nearest to the mines. Most people residing near surface mining sites are seriously contaminated and have suffered from health problems and adverse consequences for generations. There are also many farmers who lose their land to coal mining operations, and have no way to farm anymore because the soil is so polluted with toxic heavy metals that it is unfit for farming. These folks are at the forefront of the fight to conserve the planet’s ecosystems and maintain our atmosphere.

The EPA estimates that there’ll be an additional twenty-five million asthma cases by 2021 due to exposure to toxins made by coal mining. The respiratory illnesses will increase as the years proceed, and the frequency of asthma attacks might even increase during these hard times. It is not known if the number of instances will actually double or triple, but it’s sure that asthma will get a major problem in these times. Some asthma sufferers have other health ailments, such as allergies or irritable bowels, and clean coal technologies is one way to alleviate their symptoms and restore their quality of life.

With clean coal technologies, operators can quit paying royalties to coal businesses and start to mine for the fuel which we need for our energy requirements. By making a bulk of carbon dioxide free coalwe could power our country’s electricity needs with natural gas or alternative reliable, yet less expensive, sources of energy. Instead of paying countless dollars to coal companies each year, we can simply invest the identical amount in clean coal technologies and quit throwing this Earth once in prosperity energy out the window. Instead of enduring the effects of bad choices, which will just produce more difficulties for future generations, so we can decide now to make smart choices and invest in a fresh coal technology future. In doing so, we could help stop the fast degradation of the planet’s environment and restore the promise of a wholesome world for their kids.

Investments in clean coal technologies will only continue so long as the need for safe, cheap energy remains a priority for society. If we would like to ensure the continuation of their health of the world, investing in those technologies today, and investing in our children’s futuresis the wise thing to do. Coal mining is going to go the way of the dinosaur, and there aren’t any new technologies available to replace it. If we would like to move this country into the next century of technological advancement, and prevent the downward spiral of our economy into economic stagnation, investing in clean coal technologies is your smartest investment choice we could make. When your kids ask you what you did to conserve the environment, tell them you invested in clean coal technology.